Monday, September 26, 2005

I was soon close to cumming with all this happening, with Toni's tight pussy muscals squeezing and releasing my dick. I told Toni that I was going to cum and she told me to hold on for as long as posible because she was not gonna stop riding me until she came.I told her I wont hoild out long. Then finnally I exploded inside of her hot steamy cunt, and she said "You keep cumming in my pussy because Im not gonna stop yet.

I was really getting horny now. I looked over at Jessica and Toni who were now rubing eachother plump asses and finnaly Toni pulled Jessicas panties off and displaying her plump, bare ass to Sammy and I and then Jessica did the same to Toni. Then the two locked thier thighs together and started to hump eachers thighs. I looked back at Sammatha and put my hands on her ass and rubbed her ass and then pulled her panties down and she smiled and unzipped my jeans and released my average 6''-7'' dick and wraped her warm hand around it to feel it. I looked back over at Jessica and Toni who where now naked and humping each others thighs.